ISS Tracker

ISS Tracker (

I shared my ISS Tracker ( with the ThreeJS Journey Discord today. After starting the ThreeJS Journey course by Bruno Simon I always wanted to make an ISS tracker. Originally I was thinking using a Raspberry Pi hooked up to a 16×32 LED matrix that tells me when it’s near but why not do a 3D visualization instead?

I made a low-poly model in 3DS Max and exported it as a GLTF file. Open-Notify’s ISS Tracker API was used to retrieve its current location then found an equation online to convert latitude and longitude into Cartesian coordinates which I can then position the 3d model into proper orbit. The custom GLSL shaders for the atmospheric glow was from Chris’ Courses YouTube channel

Turned out pretty neat! Someone in the chat suggested sharing it on Twitter for NASA to see. I’ll try to do that soon!

Getting back to my creative side with the Artist 15.6 Pro

Hoping to get back into doing more creative things with the XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro. I’ve always wanted to get something like this! The Wacom was way over my budget so I heard good things about the XP Pen for the price. I’ll be using it for 3D modeling/sculpting in Blender and 3DS Max as well as digital drawing/painting/editing in Photoshop.

Here’s my unboxing photos:

3D Printing Face Shields for healthcare workers

Can’t believe what is going on in the world! It is hard to stay at home and do nothing so I decided do what I could by 3d printing face shields for my wife’s unit (she’s a nurse.) There is a big shortage of face masks, face shields, and PPE. Many are doing their part by sewing face masks and giving them to the front line and essential workers.

These are printed from various designs from sites like Thingiverse but I eventually used 3DVerkstan’s design which can be found here: 3D-printed protective visor – 3DVerkstan – Quick to print, easy to assemble

My wife’s fellow nurses were very happy to use them. Here are some photos of the prints I’ve done so far:

New 3D Delta Printer

My Printrbot Play died 😦 The power supply went kaput so I took it as an opportunity to upgrade to a new printer with a larger bed. I thought the delta printer with the 3 arms looked pretty cool and after doing some research decided on an FLSUN 3d printer.

Here’s my unboxing and a few setup pics.

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